Volumetric Automatic Linear Filler

ELAV Model


For pasty products such as Alcohol-Gel, sauces, soy oil, vegetable oils, condiments, pastes in general, shampoos, conditioners, etc.


316L stainless steel chassis;

All components are made of 316L stainless steel

Volume dosing control;

Capacity from 250ml to 1.5L;

Adjustable nozzles according to the size and shape of the bottle;

Interactive console for adjusting functions;

Ability to record up to 20 different programs;

Automatic washing;

Filling capacity – 500ml bottles: Approximately 2,000 / hour


ELAV – 1: Aproximately 950 Bottles / Hour

ELAV – 2: Aproximately 1.300 Bottles / Hour

ELAV – 4: Aproximately 2.000 Bottles / Hour

ELAV – 8: Aproximately 3.600 Bottles / Hour

Technical characteristics:

230V / 50Hz Electrical Supply: ELAV-1, ELAV-2, ELAV-4 Models

400V / 50Hz Electrical Supply:  ELAV-8 Model

Air Supply: 4 to 6 bar

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