Vismago on the world

Distant is the time of the first idealized machine, manufactured and sold. More than two decades. But fortunately VISMAGO has not lost the notion that it is an SME in the Portuguese market, despite the importance it already has. Those who work at VISMAGO are proud knowing they are struggling in markets with other countries that are more competitive than Portugal, and against direct competitors who have better financial and structural resources. VISMAGO avoided such common fears and gradually extended its services throughout the country and was not afraid to face other horizons. Portuguese-speaking African countries are ambitious places for Portuguese industry, for the rates of progress and development they present. As a consequence, VISMAGO began exporting and assisting customers in Angola and Mozambique, countries that have ties with Portugal. And in a European Union whose member countries continue to increase, new prospects appear to be emerging. Who knows if, soon, the list will not increase exponentially? Vismago is working on this.

More Productivity, Less Costs!