Linear Automatic Filler

EAL Model

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Food industry
Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, oil, olive oil and others

Chemical industry
Detergents, shower gel and others

Pharmaceutical industry
Physiological saline, hydrogen peroxide and others


Stainless steel chassis

Dosing control by flowmeter

Interactive console for function adjustment

Capability to record 40 different programs

Automatic filling system cleaning

Various types of nozzles for different products


EAL-2: +/- 1200 Flasks/H

EAL-3: +/- 1800 Flasks/H

EAL-4: +/- 2400 Flasks/H

EAL-6: +/- 3600 Flasks/H

EAL-10: +/- 6000 Flasks/H

Technical Features:

Power supply: 400V / 50Hz

Air supply: 2bar to 4bar

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