Constantly Improving Products and Services

VISMAGO has a strong relationship with the wine sector. The first bottling lines were in fact intended to meet the the big demand of the region, well known for its wine production. This vast demand was also an important part of the company’s rapid acquisition of high levels of quality. Customers wanted the best systems at the best price. This demand forced the company to keep alive the notion of progress. The most representative machines of our offer are the fillers, capping machines and labeling machines, among others. With the extension to other sectors, the variety has been increasing and it will be reductive to point out just the previous examples. Thus, together with the fact that since the 1990s, Vismago has become an exporting company, competing in other markets, the design is made using the latest technology, always with the exception of the quality ratio-price. There is constant improvement in the design, performance, components and materials. It’s just a question of evolution.


Wine, bottles, corks, capsules, olive oil, sachets, bag-in-box, beer, water, soft drinks, detergents, stickers, labels… This list could go on for much more. Both the bottling and packaging worlds seem to have no definite end. Just think that an industry that devotes itself to just one of the above can create an empire. VISMAGO seeks to monitor trends in these two sectors. In this consumer-oriented society in which glass and plastic abound but constantly change their ways of existing, it is necessary to design and plan with greater focus. It is certain that some specific activities have a greater preponderance than others and, as such, VISMAGO, tries to give the best answer to the “problem” raised by the client. Certainly there will be some machine impossible to conceive. But in VISMAGO we do not give up without a fight. Without realizing the utility, reasonableness, performance and effectiveness. Without undertaking a rigorous study, the necessary technical essays and an overview perspective of the subjects. Because it was only in this way that it was possible to leap forward and that is how VISMAGO has managed to have an ingenious answer to all the items mentioned in the first paragraph.

More Productivity, Less Costs!