We innovate since 1985

VISMAGO is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of bottling machines. Founded in 1985, the company works in new and modern facilities, located in the industrial area of Ponte-do-Rol, on the outskirts of the city of Torres Vedras, 40 km north of Lisbon. Its more than thirty years of experience, together with a rigor that guides all its internal structures and the national and internationally recognized quality of its bottling lines, make VISMAGO a reference in the country, in the sector in which it works. If the wine sector was first to absorb the company’s dedication, the consequent evolution as a result of the good corporate performance led to the expansion of the offer. Thus, machines for all types of liquids (food, industrial) and solids (Pharmaceutical Industry, Etc.) are produced today, allowing the reach of the most varied sectors.

The company is proud to feel part of the good Portuguese industry. Ambition, auscultates, investigates, innovates and fulfills. Anticipate the best solutions for each particular customer, and customize, if necessary, the final product. This special proximity guarantees the customer’s indelible confidence, which inevitably conveys it to the consumer, helping to improve Portugal’s overall progress.

More Productivity, Less Costs!