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Automatic Monobloc for Bottle Filling and Corking

MER Model

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Automatic machine for bottle filling and corking

Indicated for the spirit and wine industry


Stainless steel chassis

4 jaw compressor with vacuum system for cleaning

Synchronized with cork dispenser

Prepared for a possible cork feeder

Level system in the bottle

Easy adjustment of guides and stars according to bottle shape

Automatic machine washing system

Easy-to-change stars for different bottle types

Interactive console for function adjustment

Capability to record 40 different programs

Automatic height adjustment for bottles


MER-9 +/- 900 Bottles/H

MER-12 +/- 2000 Bottles/H

MER-16 +/- 3000 Bottles/H

Technical Features:

Power supply: 400V / 50Hz

Air supply: 6bar

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